e and f

so the one draws in
so the other draws out

it's continual and it's eventual.

it's gradual.

to stand, to speak, you gather your strength
you hold your head, you squeeze your hand
you breathe, so on and so on.

it lays around you, thick
you make the effort, draw it in,
you draw
you draw
you draw
you deeply draw

you draw deeply

and what do you open?

you are full, what do you open?

you do.

you do.

does it start as a trickle or
does it all at once, all at once

does it?

we gather the day like molten rocks
seething, bringing, scathing, peeling,
and in the night we slowly slowly,
bend, and breed and send the heat

flattened, stretched, and open
rising rising, waves so small and
still escaping

the end, we, still and chill
we, great and homely
we, nothing greater
than the one we held

released, ravished, reigned fully in
set the day to seethe again

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