e and f

so the one draws in
so the other draws out

it's continual and it's eventual.

it's gradual.

to stand, to speak, you gather your strength
you hold your head, you squeeze your hand
you breathe, so on and so on.

it lays around you, thick
you make the effort, draw it in,
you draw
you draw
you draw
you deeply draw

you draw deeply

and what do you open?

you are full, what do you open?

you do.

you do.

does it start as a trickle or
does it all at once, all at once

does it?

we gather the day like molten rocks
seething, bringing, scathing, peeling,
and in the night we slowly slowly,
bend, and breed and send the heat

flattened, stretched, and open
rising rising, waves so small and
still escaping

the end, we, still and chill
we, great and homely
we, nothing greater
than the one we held

released, ravished, reigned fully in
set the day to seethe again


springtime tallahassee

seriously, folks, what's better than 75 degree weather in december??


t-shirts at christmas!!  bring it back!!

curse you, cold front.

this is simply a letter of protest.


eat a peach

am i fine because i'm fine?
or am i fine because i'm not thinking about it?

or are things simply too busy for me to focus
on more than one thing at a time?

i'm fine. for now.

emotionless almost.


a frank discussion

since it's a....ew. hold on.

since it's a slow week here on campus, and i'm stuck at work doing nothing from nine to five this whole week, i'm going to start a frank discussion.

first off: bernie mac. the man died. he was 50. he had a lung condition. he was funny. i started watching his show randomly once i got cable. at first i thought it was just some b-grade thing created so fox could have re-runs to show during the summer.

not. the case.

the show was funny. it had mostly black people in it. but that's not what made it funny.

bernie mac was funny.

the writing was good.

it was a funny show.

other than the show itself, it seems that bernie mac was a real person. he grew up in hard times in chicago, he had rough stuff happen in his life, and he made good.

on top of that, he wasn't a christian scientist, as far as i can tell. i think that's important.
bernie mac, i salute you. here here.

second: campus. parking on campus is awesome. i don't know what people are talking about "parking on campus is horrible."

in fact, i was riding my bicycle to work today (i work on campus. didn't you know?) and saw numerous student parking spots in garages and lots, even in the middle of campus!

third: halo 3. this is a game i like to play. i played it often. and then i quit. then i started playing again, but not as often. in truth, i don't even own the game. i'm borrowing it from a friend who never plays it. i've had it more than 6 months, i'm sure. i should remedy this situation. if you play and you like it, we should do this together. i'm slightly more than mediocre, if mediocre means "middle" which i think it does. it reminds me of "median."

fourth: band. i played with a band. for reference purposes, i typically play alone. which sounds sad. and i didn't think it was sad until i played with a band. then i realized that playing with a band makes playing alone sad.

fifth: sometimes playing alone is easier for many reasons. A: it requires less overhead. only one schedule has to be reconciled. the only feelings around to be hurt are one person's. B: if you make a mistake while performing alone, it can be easier to play it off. for instance: i tend to forget the lyrics to the songs that i wrote, which is strange because i wrote them. so, i forget them alot of times because i focus on something else, like the instrument i'm playing or the giant hole in the front of my pants, or the kids playing ping-pong just a few feet away. some of the time, i just get lost in the music i'm playing and forget to sing. either way, i occasionally forget my words. when this happens, i just keep playing chords until i remember, and then i sing them. this would be harder to do if i wasn't alone.

sixth: dinosaurs. when i was a kid i really liked dinosaurs. i think i started taking an active interest in dinosaurs when i was seven. maybe six. my best friend josh barber and i collected books and stickers and pencil erasers that looked like dinosaurs. we also played transformers and vampire, but that's not about dinosaurs. we would occasionally get so caught up in playing on the playground, swinging or revealing the matrix, that we wouldn't realize that there were no other kids on the playground and recess was over. that's not about dinosaurs either. so, i found out that paleontologists are the ones that learn about dinosaurs and i wanted to be one and so i learned how to spell paleontologist. my initial attempt was, i think, p-a-l-e-o-n-t-o-l-g-s-t, which was pretty good for 7. i realized later that i was wrong.

seventh: i no longer want to be a paleontologist.

eighth: the internet is strange. when i was seven, the year was 1988. how did i even find out about paleontology? also, the ankylosaurus is still my favorite.

ninth: eh. i'm done.

tenth: when i started blogging, i wasn't hungry, but now i am. it's been about an hour. i have raisins in my bag.



here's how to buy my crap on iTunes


if you want to buy the Deft EP by In Wrath, click that button above that says "itunes."

if i copied and pasted correctly, it should open your itunes and you'll see the ep.

you can buy it, or you can just write a review about it, if you already own it.

yeah. thanks!



new corkboard mac



Updated Album Info!

hey. sorry to be annoying, but i'm excited.

Constant Records just updated their site with info on the EP.
Also, i updated the In Wrath purevolume site with a song and artwork, etc.

check it out and let me know what you think.